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2012-12-30 15:37:27 by 0

Wrap unused parameters in UNUSED(), and debug-only parameters in DEBUGUSED(), to cut
down on compiler warnings. The macro also renames parameters to catch accidental use.
(There are more places to clean up but I don't want to modify code that isn't compiling
on my machine.)

1001:      #endif /* PIKE_DEBUG */    - static void debug_gc_fatal_va (void *a, int type, int flags, + static void debug_gc_fatal_va (void *DEBUGUSED(a), int DEBUGUSED(type), int DEBUGUSED(flags),    const char *fmt, va_list args)   {    int orig_gc_pass = Pike_in_gc;
3426:    CALL_AND_UNSET_ONERROR(tmp);   }    - size_t do_gc(void *ignored, int explicit_call) + size_t do_gc(void *UNUSED(ignored), int explicit_call)   {    ALLOC_COUNT_TYPE start_allocs;    size_t start_num_objs, unreferenced;
5142:    MC_DEBUG_MSG (ref_to, "not enqueued");   }    - static void pass_mark_external_visit_ref (void *thing, int ref_type, -  visit_thing_fn *visit_fn, void *extra) + static void pass_mark_external_visit_ref (void *thing, int UNUSED(ref_type), +  visit_thing_fn *UNUSED(visit_fn), void *UNUSED(extra))   {    struct mc_marker *ref_to = find_mc_marker (thing);