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2018-11-04 12:47:39 by Tobias S. Josefowitz <>

Interpreter: Advertise intended fallthrough cases

GCC >= 7 started being a bit verbose about this. Unfortunately from
inside macros our only option pretty much seems to be
__attribute__((fallthrough));, which we may not want to expose to other
compilers, hence using ADVERTISE_FALLTHROUGH macro.

For the general case, it seems to be the better option to stick with
/* FALLTHRU */ comments which GCC will also accept.

1644:   #pragma optimize("y", off)   #endif    + #define ADVERTISE_FALLTHROUGH   #include "interpret_functions_fixed.h" -  + #undef ADVERTISE_FALLTHROUGH      #if defined(PIKE_USE_MACHINE_CODE) && defined(_M_IX86)   /* Restore optimization */