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2000-07-28 17:16:56 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

JUMBOPATCH: dynamic loading now works on Win* !!!! (somewhat experimental :)

Rev: src/.cvsignore:1.24
Rev: src/
Rev: src/aclocal.m4:1.17
Rev: src/array.c:1.79
Rev: src/array.h:1.22
Rev: src/backend.c:1.53
Rev: src/backend.h:1.9
Rev: src/bignum.c:1.17
Rev: src/bignum.h:1.14
Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.293
Rev: src/builtin_functions.h:1.14
Rev: src/callback.c:1.20
Rev: src/
Rev: src/constants.c:1.22
Rev: src/dynamic_buffer.c:1.10
Rev: src/dynamic_load.c:1.41
Rev: src/error.c:1.56
Rev: src/error.h:1.46
Rev: src/fd_control.c:1.32
Rev: src/fdlib.c:1.37
Rev: src/fdlib.h:1.34
Rev: src/fsort.c:1.13
Rev: src/fsort_template.h:1.7
Rev: src/gc.c:1.110
Rev: src/gc.h:1.57
Rev: src/global.h:1.44
Rev: src/interpret.c:1.158
Rev: src/interpret.h:1.52
Rev: src/main.c:1.94
Rev: src/mapping.c:1.94
Rev: src/mapping.h:1.28
Rev: src/module_magic.h:1.1
Rev: src/module_support.c:1.34
Rev: src/module_support.h:1.7
Rev: src/multiset.c:1.26
Rev: src/object.c:1.137
Rev: src/object.h:1.50
Rev: src/opcodes.c:1.78
Rev: src/operators.c:1.93
Rev: src/operators.h:1.8
Rev: src/pike_macros.h:1.17
Rev: src/pike_memory.c:1.71
Rev: src/pike_memory.h:1.14
Rev: src/pike_types.c:1.132
Rev: src/port.c:1.28
Rev: src/
Rev: src/program.c:1.252
Rev: src/program.h:1.97
Rev: src/signal_handler.c:1.173
Rev: src/stralloc.c:1.85
Rev: src/stralloc.h:1.42
Rev: src/stuff.c:1.11
Rev: src/svalue.c:1.85
Rev: src/svalue.h:1.62
Rev: src/
Rev: src/threads.c:1.133
Rev: src/threads.h:1.99

5:   \*/      /* -  * $Id: interpret.h,v 1.51 2000/07/07 15:23:56 grubba Exp $ +  * $Id: interpret.h,v 1.52 2000/07/28 17:16:55 hubbe Exp $    */   #ifndef INTERPRET_H   #define INTERPRET_H
216:   void init_interpreter(void);   void lvalue_to_svalue_no_free(struct svalue *to,struct svalue *lval);   void assign_lvalue(struct svalue *lval,struct svalue *from); - union anything *get_pointer_if_this_type(struct svalue *lval, TYPE_T t); + PMOD_EXPORT union anything *get_pointer_if_this_type(struct svalue *lval, TYPE_T t);   void print_return_value(void);   void reset_evaluator(void);   struct backlog;   void dump_backlog(void);   BLOCK_ALLOC(pike_frame,128)    - void mega_apply(enum apply_type type, INT32 args, void *arg1, void *arg2); - void f_call_function(INT32 args); - int apply_low_safe_and_stupid(struct object *o, INT32 offset); - void safe_apply_low(struct object *o,int fun,int args); - void safe_apply(struct object *o, char *fun ,INT32 args); - void apply_lfun(struct object *o, int fun, int args); - void apply_shared(struct object *o, + PMOD_EXPORT void mega_apply(enum apply_type type, INT32 args, void *arg1, void *arg2); + PMOD_EXPORT void f_call_function(INT32 args); + PMOD_EXPORT int apply_low_safe_and_stupid(struct object *o, INT32 offset); + PMOD_EXPORT void safe_apply_low(struct object *o,int fun,int args); + PMOD_EXPORT void safe_apply(struct object *o, char *fun ,INT32 args); + PMOD_EXPORT void apply_lfun(struct object *o, int fun, int args); + PMOD_EXPORT void apply_shared(struct object *o,    struct pike_string *fun,    int args); - void apply(struct object *o, char *fun, int args); - void apply_svalue(struct svalue *s, INT32 args); - void slow_check_stack(void); + PMOD_EXPORT void apply(struct object *o, char *fun, int args); + PMOD_EXPORT void apply_svalue(struct svalue *s, INT32 args); + PMOD_EXPORT void slow_check_stack(void);   void cleanup_interpret(void);   void really_clean_up_interpret(void);   /* Prototypes end here */    - extern int Pike_stack_size; - struct callback; - extern struct callback_list evaluator_callbacks; - extern void call_callback(struct callback_list *, void *); + PMOD_EXPORT extern int d_flag; /* really in main.c */    -  + PMOD_EXPORT extern int Pike_stack_size; + PMOD_EXPORT struct callback; + PMOD_EXPORT extern struct callback_list evaluator_callbacks; + PMOD_EXPORT extern void call_callback(struct callback_list *, void *); +    /* Things to try:    * we could reduce thread swapping to a pointer operation if    * we do something like:
255:    * The above define could also be used to facilitate dynamic loading    * on Win32..    */ - extern struct Pike_interpreter Pike_interpreter; + PMOD_EXPORT extern struct Pike_interpreter Pike_interpreter;      #define Pike_sp Pike_interpreter.stack_pointer   #define Pike_fp Pike_interpreter.frame_pointer