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2017-11-18 10:13:13 by Arne Goedeke <>

Interpreter: added callsite_reset()

This can be used to re-run the same function again. This will be used
int f_map etc.

167:   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_resolve_lfun(struct pike_callsite *site, struct object *o, int lfun);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_prepare(struct pike_callsite *c);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_execute(const struct pike_callsite *site); + PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_reset(struct pike_callsite *site);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_return(struct pike_callsite *site);      static inline struct svalue *frame_get_save_sp(const struct pike_frame *frame) {