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1998-04-19 03:16:11 by Per Hedbor <>

The message 'Failed to index module (module doesn't exist)' now only shows up if it is the first error found. This to avoid confusing errors (since you get a 'Failed to index module' for each and every module indexing after the first error)

Rev: src/las.c:1.59

4:   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/   #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: las.c,v 1.58 1998/04/10 04:35:20 hubbe Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: las.c,v 1.59 1998/04/19 03:16:11 per Exp $");      #include "language.h"   #include "interpret.h"
692:    switch(sp[-1].type)    {    case T_INT: +  if(!num_parse_error)    yyerror("Failed to index module (module doesn't exist?)");    break;