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2015-12-14 13:59:51 by Per Hedbor <>

On this branch portable bytecode generation is not normally done

This actually noticeably speeds up the compiler and also saves about
15% of RAM when starting hilfe.

If the decode_value code is modified to free the portable bytecode

This will not be merged to 8.1 until I figure out _why_ that is. It
should only need to be freed once, but I guess it's in the string
table twice?

84:   #ifndef MAXPATHLEN   #define MAXPATHLEN 32768   #endif -  + extern int store_portable_bytecode;   static const char _master_location[MAXPATHLEN+CONSTANT_STRLEN(MASTER_COOKIE)] = MASTER_COOKIE;   static const char *master_file_location = _master_location + CONSTANT_STRLEN(MASTER_COOKIE);   
508:    WINDOWS_ERROR_DIALOGS);    p++;    goto more_d_flags; -  +  case 'd': +  store_portable_bytecode = 1; +  break;    default:    d_flag += (p[0] == 'd');    p++;