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1999-01-31 09:03:50 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

lexical closures implemented...

Rev: src/ChangeLog:1.160
Rev: src/alloca.c:1.3
Rev: src/block_alloc.h:1.5
Rev: src/block_alloc_h.h:1.1
Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.146
Rev: src/callback.c:1.16
Rev: src/dmalloc.h:1.9
Rev: src/docode.c:1.43
Rev: src/error.c:1.23
Rev: src/error.h:1.27
Rev: src/interpret.c:1.113
Rev: src/interpret.h:1.26
Rev: src/language.yacc:1.109
Rev: src/las.c:1.73
Rev: src/las.h:1.18
Rev: src/lex.c:1.61
Rev: src/main.c:1.62
Rev: src/modules/call_out/call_out.c:1.24
Rev: src/object.c:1.55
Rev: src/
Rev: src/pike_memory.c:1.29
Rev: src/pike_memory.h:1.8
Rev: src/program.c:1.107
Rev: src/program.h:1.48
Rev: src/
Rev: src/threads.h:1.61

4:   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/   #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: main.c,v 1.61 1999/01/21 09:15:03 hubbe Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: main.c,v 1.62 1999/01/31 09:01:55 hubbe Exp $");   #include "fdlib.h"   #include "backend.h"   #include "module.h"
392:    init_types();    init_cpp();    init_lex(); +  init_program();       low_th_init();