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2006-08-02 20:16:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Implemented a thorough separation of the different build orders necessary to
build static modules (where a tpike is required) and dynamic modules (where
a pike.lib that fits the pike core exe is required with --enable-dll).

tpike is now built and used only when dynamic modules are disabled. Post
modules can no longer affect the link options when the pike binary is built
(something that wouldn't work reliably anyway).

Rev: src/
Rev: src/
Rev: src/
Rev: src/modules/
Rev: src/modules/
Rev: src/modules/
Rev: src/post_modules/
Rev: src/tmodule.c:1.2

1:   # -*- Makefile -*-   # - # $Id:,v 1.25 2006/06/28 21:23:35 mast Exp $ + # $Id:,v 1.26 2006/08/02 20:16:38 mast Exp $   #   # Note: This template is actually used only for make_variables in the   # subdirectories; the one created in the build base dir is just an
26:   #propagated_variables: OPTIMIZE WARN PROFIL   #propagated_variables: LDSHARED_MODULE_REQS   #propagated_variables: TMP_BUILDDIR TMP_BINDIR PIKE_SRC_DIR BUILD_BASE + #propagated_variables: BUILD_PIKE POST_MODULE_BUILD_TYPE      @SET_MAKE@   prefix=@prefix@