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2001-03-29 02:54:12 by Per Hedbor <>

IDs for the image-programs added to program_id.h, the image module now have constant IDs. This is not yet used in the types for it, though. Also added optimization for object( id<65536) in encode.c:encode_type and decode_type. Left to do is the code that encodes programs. It is possible to add that in the codec if int __program_to_id( program ) and program __id_to_program( int id ) or similar are added, otherwise the code has to go into encode.c

Rev: src/encode.c:1.95
Rev: src/modules/Gmp/mpz_glue.c:1.92
Rev: src/modules/Image/colors.c:1.48
Rev: src/modules/Image/image_module.c:1.11
Rev: src/modules/Image/initstuff.h:1.12
Rev: src/program.h:1.122
Rev: src/program_id.h:1.7

4:   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/   #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: mpz_glue.c,v 1.91 2001/03/04 19:52:15 mirar Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: mpz_glue.c,v 1.92 2001/03/29 02:54:11 per Exp $");   #include "gmp_machine.h"      #if defined(HAVE_GMP2_GMP_H) && defined(HAVE_LIBGMP2)
1617: Inside #if defined(USE_GMP) || defined(USE_GMP2)
   MPZ_ARG_TYPE ":object)", 0);   #endif    -  add_program_constant("mpz", mpzmod_program=end_program(), 0); +  mpzmod_program=end_program(); +  mpzmod_program->id = PROG_GMP_MPZ_ID; +  add_program_constant("mpz", mpzmod_program, 0);       /* function(int, int:object) */    ADD_FUNCTION("pow", gmp_pow,tFunc(tInt tInt,tObj), 0);