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2018-02-25 19:02:42 by Arne Goedeke <>

Stdio.File()->write(): added support for buffer arguments

This new API works like this:

int write(Stdio.Buffer|System.Memory|String.Buffer|... buffer, void|int(0..) offset)

will try to write data from the buffer at the given offset and return
the number of bytes written.

20:   FILE_FUNC("peek",file_peek, tFunc(tOr3(tFlt,tInt,tVoid) tOr(tInt,tVoid), tInt))   /* function(string|array(string),mixed...:int) */   FILE_FUNC("write",file_write, -  tOr3(tFunc(tStr, tInt), +  tOr4(tFunc(tStr, tInt), +  tFuncV(tObj, tOr(tInt, tVoid), tInt),    tFuncV(tArr(tStr), tMixed, tInt),    tFuncV(tAttr("sprintf_format", tStr),    tAttr("sprintf_args", tMixed),tInt)))