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2015-04-22 16:42:41 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Runtime: Added some (unreached) breaks to make Coverity happy.

Fixes [CID 742647] and others.

1848:       case BIT_ARRAY|BIT_INT:    ADD_WITH_UNDEFINED (array, T_ARRAY, add_arrays, push_array); +  break;       case BIT_ARRAY:    ADD (array, add_arrays, push_array); -  +  break;       case BIT_MAPPING|BIT_INT:    ADD_WITH_UNDEFINED (mapping, T_MAPPING, add_mappings, push_mapping); -  +  break;       case BIT_MAPPING:    ADD (mapping, add_mappings, push_mapping); -  +  break;       case BIT_MULTISET|BIT_INT:    ADD_WITH_UNDEFINED (multiset, T_MULTISET, add_multisets, push_multiset); -  +  break;       case BIT_MULTISET:    ADD (multiset, add_multisets, push_multiset); -  +  break;      #undef ADD_WITH_UNDEFINED   #undef ADD