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2018-11-07 13:38:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

PikeCompiler: Move high-level classes to _static_modules.Builtin.

Top-level CMOD symbols in pike_compiler.cmod were previously lost
to the void unless explicitly handled. They now instead show up
in _static_modules.Builtin (as with similar symbols elsewhere).

175:   node *pop_local_variables(int level, node *block);   void pop_compiler_frame(void);   PMOD_EXPORT void change_compiler_compatibility(int major, int minor); + void low_init_pike_compiler(void);   void init_pike_compiler(void);   void cleanup_pike_compiler(void); -  + void low_cleanup_pike_compiler(void);   /* Prototypes end here */      #endif /* !PIKE_COMPILER_H */