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2018-02-05 17:14:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

String.Buffer: Moved implementation.

Moves implementation of String.Buffer from builtin.cmod to

Adds initialization of the module to happen before that of cpp.
This will allow cpp.cmod to rely on String.Buffer to exist at
compile time.

68:    dmalloc_accept_leak (&weak_empty_array);   #endif    +  TRACE("Init String.Buffer...\n"); +  init_string_buffer(); +     TRACE("Init cpp...\n");    init_cpp();   
122: Inside #if defined(DO_PIKE_CLEANUP)
   exit_builtin_efuns();    exit_builtin();    exit_cpp(); +  exit_string_buffer();    cleanup_interpret();    exit_builtin_constants();    cleanup_module_support();