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2019-03-19 12:33:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '722771973bd' into patches/lyslyskom22891031

* commit '722771973bd': (6177 commits)
Verify that callablep responses are aligned with reality.


2019-03-14 10:39:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b' into grubba/typechecker-automap

* commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b': (18681 commits)
Removed the old typechecker.


2018-11-03 14:21:37 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/8.1' into gobject-introspection


2018-02-15 15:54:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e' into patches/pike63

* commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e': (19587 commits)


2016-02-11 22:49:38 by Martin Nilsson <>

More readable macros.

2016-02-11 20:04:06 by Martin Nilsson <>

Everyone have INT64 in C99-land.


2015-10-18 00:55:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

unistd.h is included from global.h


2015-10-17 22:55:06 by Martin Nilsson <>

No need to check for time.h. It's part of C89 and we don't use HAVE_TIME_H everywhere.


2011-11-05 15:02:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed $Id$.


2011-04-25 16:41:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No more foreign_idents.

More pain than they are worth.

2011-04-25 16:12:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No more foreign_idents.

2011-04-25 16:11:00 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No more foreign_idents.


2009-11-17 01:25:04 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug that could cause posix highres cpu time to remain undetected.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.27


2009-04-21 12:03:34 by Martin Stjernholm <>

A better comment.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.26

2009-04-21 11:41:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Forgot a checkin for the change in rusage.c in November. Now the mach
implementation for get_real_time should be enabled.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.25


2008-01-08 17:08:00 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Let's try it once more with the cast...

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.24

2008-01-08 07:45:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Can't have a cast in the definition for CPU_TIME_TICKS, since gcc doesn't allow casts in preprocessor expressions.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.23


2008-01-07 21:47:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Some compilers (MSVC 6) have 64-bit integers but not long long, and thus don't understand the integer suffix LL.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.22


2007-06-19 18:22:50 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed cpu time thread localness macros to work when compiling without thread

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.21
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.48


2007-06-10 23:11:17 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Minor tweaks to behave nicer in CONFIGURE_TEST mode.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.20
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.47

2007-06-10 19:02:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed the CPU_TIME_TICKS constants to work both with the compiler and
the preprocessor.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.19

2007-06-10 18:53:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fix to make the fix in builtin_functions.c work.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.17

2007-06-10 18:11:13 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added support for POSIX style timers using clock_gettime(3). Notably this
fixes nice high resolution thread local cpu time and monotonic real time on
reasonably modern Linux systems.

Also added a few more pike constants about various characteristics of the
cpu/real time interfaces in use.

Rev: src/acconfig.h:1.155
Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.640
Rev: src/
Rev: src/gc.c:1.290
Rev: src/gc.h:1.129
Rev: src/modules/system/system.c:1.182
Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.18
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.46
Rev: src/threads.c:1.254
Rev: src/threads.h:1.132


2004-05-19 20:57:04 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added get_real_time().

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.17


2003-11-27 19:57:35 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Only query _SC_CLK_TCK at startup.

Rev: src/main.c:1.186
Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.16
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.36


2003-02-14 20:00:53 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added PRINT_CPU_TIME for use in printf format strings.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.15


2003-02-09 15:30:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Better error reporting from get_cpu_time and (pike) gethrvtime.

Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.472
Rev: src/gc.c:1.202
Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.14
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.32


2003-01-13 16:11:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added some notes.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.13
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.27

2003-01-13 13:15:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

MSVC can't cast unsigned __int64 to double, but signed __int64 works.
We probably don't need that last bit anyway.

Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.12

2003-01-13 02:07:04 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added a function get_cpu_time that provides an interface for high resolution
cpu time measurement. The clumsier internal_rusage is obsoleted by this.
Also some minor fixes in get_pike_rusage.

Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.460
Rev: src/gc.c:1.196
Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.11
Rev: src/rusage.c:1.25


2002-12-07 13:52:09 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Renamed rusage.h to pike_rusage.h to avoid name conflicts with system header files.

Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.454
Rev: src/modules/system/system.c:1.134
Rev: src/pike_rusage.h:1.10
Rev: src/rusage.h:1.10(DEAD)