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2016-10-30 11:40:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler [Type checker]: Added check_variant_overload().

This function is intended to be used to check whether all variants
of a variant function are reachable.

95:   #endif   #define LE_USE_HANDLERS 16 /* Call handlers if appropriate. */   #define LE_EXPLICIT_ZERO 32 /* Zero is not subtype of all others. */ + #define LE_TYPE_SVALUE 64 /* Same matching as match_type_svalue(). */      /*    * Flags used by low_get_first_arg_type()
287:   int check_soft_cast(struct pike_type *to, struct pike_type *from);   int match_types(struct pike_type *a,struct pike_type *b);   int pike_types_le(struct pike_type *a, struct pike_type *b); + int check_variant_overload(struct pike_type *a, struct pike_type *b);   struct pike_type *index_type(struct pike_type *type,    struct pike_type *type_of_index,    node *n);