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2022-07-11 14:15:36 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler [Typechecker]: Added PT_FLAG_CMP_FUN_ARG.

This flag is intended to be used when handling attributes
on types that expand to sequences, do that the handler can
differentiate between matches like

array(__attribute__("foo", mixed))


function(__attribute__("foo", mixed)...: mixed)

in the latter case PT_FLAG_CMP_FUN_ARG will be set, so that
the handler can expand the attribute one argument at a time,
and in the former case it will not be set, so that the types
can be joined into a single type.

135:    PT_FLAG_CMP_INEXACT_FUN = 0x2000, /* Use variant fun check. */    PT_FLAG_CMP_INEXACT_ARG = 0x4000, /* Use variant arg check. */    PT_FLAG_CMP_NO_SUBTYPES = 0x8000, /* Assume subtypes equal. */ +  PT_FLAG_CMP_FUN_ARG = 0x10000,/* Argument to function. */    };      /*