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2015-10-11 11:54:34 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler [Types]: low_describe_type() now uses string_builder.

Simplify low_describe_type() by using string_builder instead of
dynamic_buffer. This also adds support for displaying wide names
for typedefs and attributes.

233:   struct pike_type *parse_type(const char *s);   void stupid_describe_type(char *a, ptrdiff_t len);   void simple_describe_type(struct pike_type *s); + void low_describe_type(struct string_builder *s, struct pike_type *type);   void my_describe_type(struct pike_type *type);   struct pike_string *describe_type(struct pike_type *type);   TYPE_T compile_type_to_runtime_type(struct pike_type *s);