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3814:   //!   //!    - void set_default_icon( GTK2.GdkPixbuf icon ); - //! Sets an icon to be used as fallback for windows that haven't had set_icon() - //! called on them from a pixbuf. + void set_auto_startup_notification( int setting ); + //! By default, after showing the first GTK2.Window for each GDK2.Screen, + //! GTK+ calls GDK2.Screen->notify_startup_complete(). Call this function to + //! disable the automatic startup notification. You might do this if your + //! first window is a splash screen, and you want to delay notification until + //! after your real main window has been shown, for example.   //! -  + //! In that example, you would disable startup notification temporarily, + //! show your splash screen, then re-enable it so that showing the main + //! window would automatically result in notification.   //! -  + //!    - void set_default_icon_from_file( string filename ); + void set_default_icon( GTK2.GdkPixbuf pix );   //! Sets an icon to be used as fallback for windows that haven't had - //! set_icon_list() called on them from a file on disk. + //! set_icon() called on them.   //!   //!    -  + void set_default_icon_from_file( string filename ); + //! Sets an icon to be used as fallback from a file on disk. + //! + //! +    void set_default_icon_list( array list );   //! Sets an icon list to be used as fallback for windows that haven't had   //! set_icon_list() called on them to set up a window-specific icon list. This
3834:   //!      void set_default_icon_name( string name ); - //! Sets an icon to be as fallback for windows that haven't had set_icon_list() - //! called on them from a themed icon. + //! Sets an icon to be used as fallback for windows that haven't had + //! set_icon_list() called on them from a named themed icon.   //!   //!