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2007-06-26 17:10:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

The global variable next_timeout is no more. It has been replaced by a backend-specific variable.
Added backend_lower_timeout() for accessing the new variable.
This fixes issues GTK, GTK2 and sendfile had with the new backend implementation.

NOTE! Changed the argument for backend callbacks!
NOTE! The argument is now a struct Backend_struct * when called at entry (was NULL).
NOTE! The argument is now NULL when called at exit (was 1).

Thanks to Artur Skawina <> for investigating the problem.

Rev: src/backend.cmod:1.203
Rev: src/backend.h:1.38
Rev: src/modules/files/sendfile.c:1.76
Rev: src/post_modules/GTK/source/global.pre:1.34
Rev: src/post_modules/GTK2/source/global.pre:1.15

51:      static void backend_callback(struct callback *_cb,    void *arg, -  void *post_select) +  void *backend)   { -  if( !post_select ) +  if(backend)    {    struct timeval timeout = current_time;    timeout.tv_usec += 20000;
62:    timeout.tv_usec-=1000000;    timeout.tv_sec+=1;    } -  if (my_timercmp (&timeout, <, &next_timeout)) -  next_timeout = timeout; +  backend_lower_timeout(backend, &timeout);    } else   #ifdef HAVE_GTK22    while(g_main_context_iteration(NULL,0));