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2016-03-03 11:59:06 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

GTK2: Use safe_apply_svalue() instead of apply_svalue() for now.

Throwing Pike-exceptions through the GTK layer is not a good idea...

FIXME: The exceptions probably instead ought to be converted to the
GTK equivalent and back.

Fixes [LysLysKOM 21653937].

25:   gint pgtk2_assistant_callback(gint cur_page, struct signal_data *d) {    gint res;    push_svalue(&d->args); -  apply_svalue(&d->cb,2); +  safe_apply_svalue(&d->cb, 2, 1);    res=(gint)Pike_sp[-1].u.integer;    pop_stack();    return res;