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2011-01-15 22:32:52 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

GTK2: Use the sprintf_format and sprintf_args type attributes where appropriate.

62:    pgtk2__init_this_object();   }    - void set_text(string text, mixed ... fmt) + void set_text(sprintf_format text, sprintf_args ... fmt)   //! Set the text in the label   {    pgtk2_get_string_arg_with_sprintf(args);
185:   //! Selectable labels allow the user to select text from the label, for copy   //! and past.    - void set_text_with_mnemonic(string text, mixed ... fmt) + void set_text_with_mnemonic(sprintf_format text, sprintf_args ... fmt)   //! Sets the label's text from the string text. If characters in text are   //! preceded by an underscore, they are underlined indicating that they   //! represent a keyboard accelerator called a mnemonic. The mnemonic key can