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2014-12-04 19:24:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Nettle.CTR: Added Counter Mode.

Yet another Cipher Mode.

Note that Crypto.CTR falls back to a pure Pike implementation
is Nettle.CTR isn't available.

43:    # md4 is available in later versions of nettle    # camellia is available in Nettle 2.1 and later.    AC_CHECK_HEADERS(nettle/camellia.h nettle/md4.h nettle/sha3.h \ -  nettle/ripemd160.h nettle/gosthash94.h nettle/gcm.h) +  nettle/ripemd160.h nettle/gosthash94.h \ +  nettle/ctr.h nettle/gcm.h)    AC_CHECK_FUNCS(nettle_md4_init)       AC_MSG_CHECKING([for idea.c])