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2014-05-13 20:53:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Nettle: Improve propagation of errors.

Use apply() instead of safe_apply() in lots of places. In addition
to improving the propagation of errors, it should reduce the stack
usage and improve performance, since it avoids the longjump contexts.

Also adds quite a few missing proxy functions, and improves the types
for some of the existing as well.

566:    ecc_point_init(&THIS->pub, curve);    ecc_scalar_init(&THIS->key, curve);    push_constant_text("Crypto.Random.random_string"); -  SAFE_APPLY_MASTER("resolv",1); +  APPLY_MASTER("resolv",1);    assign_svalue(&THIS->random, Pike_sp-1);    pop_stack();    }