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1995-10-16 17:06:26 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>


Rev: src/
Rev: src/alloca.c:1.2
Rev: src/builtin_efuns.c:1.3
Rev: src/call_out.c:1.6
Rev: src/config.h:1.7
Rev: src/
Rev: src/interpret.c:1.6
Rev: src/language.y:1.4
Rev: src/lpc_types.c:1.4
Rev: src/lpc_types.h:1.3
Rev: src/modules/files/
Rev: src/modules/files/file.c:1.6
Rev: src/modules/regexp/
Rev: src/modules/sprintf/
Rev: src/program.c:1.4

1: + /*\ + ||| This file a part of uLPC, and is copyright by Fredrik Hubinette + ||| uLPC is distributed as GPL (General Public License) + ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information. + \*/   #include "global.h"   #include "program.h"   #include "object.h"