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2019-02-07 15:02:50 by William Welliver <>

Merge branch 'grubba/wop-local-variables-debug-info' into bill/debugger-concept

696:    INT16 lfuns[NUM_LFUNS];   };    + struct local_variable_info + { +  int names[MAX_LOCAL]; /* Offset in strings. */ +  int types[MAX_LOCAL]; /* Offset in constants. */ +  int num_local; /* Number of entries in either of the above. */ + }; +    PMOD_EXPORT void dump_program_tables (const struct program *p, int indent);      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG
993:    struct pike_string *file);   void start_line_numbering(void);   void store_linenumber(INT_TYPE current_line, struct pike_string *current_file); + void store_linenumber_frame_name(int frame_offset, int string_num); + void store_linenumber_frame_type(int frame_offset, int constant_num); + void store_linenumber_frame_end(int frame_offset);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *low_get_program_line(struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *get_program_line(struct program *prog,
1002:    int malloced);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *low_get_line(PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc,    struct program *prog, -  INT_TYPE *linep); +  INT_TYPE *linep, +  struct local_variable_info *vars);   PMOD_EXPORT char *low_get_line_plain (PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc, struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep, int malloced);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *get_line(PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc,