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2013-10-19 11:30:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Runtime: Added get_inherit_storage().

Adds easy access to the storage belonging to a specific inherit
in an object. This function should be used in preference to
get_storage() when the inherit graph is known, to improve
support for multiple inherit of programs implemented in C.

1036:   void low_pop_local_variables(int level);   void pop_local_variables(int level);   void pop_compiler_frame(void); + PMOD_EXPORT char *get_inherit_storage(struct object *o, int inherit);   PMOD_EXPORT ptrdiff_t low_get_storage(struct program *o, struct program *p);   PMOD_EXPORT char *get_storage(struct object *o, struct program *p);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *low_program_from_function(struct object *o, INT32 i);