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2014-12-04 19:26:29 by Per Hedbor <>

Changed return type of get_{inherit_,}storae to void*

This makes it possible to remove quite a lot of casts.

1039:   void low_pop_local_variables(int level);   void pop_local_variables(int level);   void pop_compiler_frame(void); - PMOD_EXPORT char *get_inherit_storage(struct object *o, int inherit); + PMOD_EXPORT void *get_inherit_storage(struct object *o, int inherit);   PMOD_EXPORT ptrdiff_t low_get_storage(struct program *o, struct program *p); - PMOD_EXPORT char *get_storage(struct object *o, struct program *p); + PMOD_EXPORT void *get_storage(struct object *o, struct program *p);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *low_program_from_function(struct object *o, INT32 i);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *program_from_function(const struct svalue *f);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *program_from_type(const struct pike_type *t);