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2014-11-26 16:00:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler: Added #pragma {,no}disassemble.

When debugging the compiler it is is often useful to get
disassembly output for just a few functions in a specific
file. This pragma causes the compiler backend to dump the
result from the peep-hole optimizer to stderr for functions
defined in sections where #pragma disassemble is active.

Note that the pragma currently only has effect if pike
has been compiled --with-rtldebug (aka PIKE_DEBUG).

338:   #define ID_SAVE_PARENT 0x10000 /* #pragma save_parent */   #define ID_DONT_SAVE_PARENT 0x20000 /* #pragma dont_save_parent */   #define ID_NO_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS 0x40000 /* #pragma no_deprecation_warnings */ + #define ID_DISASSEMBLE 0x80000 /* #pragma disassemble */         /*