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2013-06-15 12:51:38 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

decode_value: Fix handling of inherits.

Use program.c:lower_inherit() in decode_value(). The new
parent flags handling in low_inherit() isn't safe to use
from decode_value(), since the program_state stack isn't
necessarily the same as when the encoded program was
initially compiled.

Fixes various dumping errors.

823:    struct pike_string *inherit,    struct pike_string *name);   void rename_last_inherit(struct pike_string *n); + void lower_inherit(struct program *p, +  struct object *parent, +  int parent_identifier, +  int parent_offset, +  INT32 flags, +  struct pike_string *name);   PMOD_EXPORT void low_inherit(struct program *p,    struct object *parent,    int parent_identifier,