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2002-06-11 17:41:36 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed overriding bug when a function has a prototype in front of an inherit
and a definition after it, and the inherit contains a function with the same
name that is overridden. Also did some cleanup and added a bit of output to

Rev: src/encode.c:1.148
Rev: src/program.c:1.434
Rev: src/program.h:1.162

5:   \*/      /* -  * $Id: program.h,v 1.161 2002/05/31 22:41:26 nilsson Exp $ +  * $Id: program.h,v 1.162 2002/06/11 17:41:36 mast Exp $    */   #ifndef PROGRAM_H   #define PROGRAM_H
464:   void optimize_program(struct program *p);   int program_function_index_compare(const void *a,const void *b);   struct pike_string *find_program_name(struct program *p, INT32 *line); - int override_identifier (struct reference *ref, struct pike_string *name, int cur_id); + int override_identifier (struct reference *ref, struct pike_string *name);   void fixate_program(void);   struct program *low_allocate_program(void);   void low_start_new_program(struct program *p,