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2018-04-21 14:48:33 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler: Added utf8_string/tUtf8Str.

This type is intended to be used to make it clearer in APIs whether
strings are binary, wide, or contain data encoded with UTF-8.

334:   #define tSprintfFormat(X) tAttr("sprintf_format", X)   #define tSprintfArgs(X) tAttr("sprintf_args", X)   #define tDeprecated(X) tAttr("deprecated", X) + #define tUtf8Str tAttr("utf8", tStr8)      #define tSimpleCallable tOr3(tArray,tFunction,tObj)   #define tCallable tOr3(tArr(tSimpleCallable),tFunction,tObj)