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2016-06-24 09:49:17 by Per Hedbor <>

Simplified hash_svalue somewhat

o The return value is now 64bit on 64bit systems
o Utilize the already-existing union if sizeof(float)==sizeof(int)
o Remove check that checks if apply_* works correctly. (debug only, but rather un-needed)

792:   PMOD_EXPORT void assign_short_svalue(union anything *to,    const union anything *from,    TYPE_T type); - PMOD_EXPORT unsigned INT32 hash_svalue(const struct svalue *s); + PMOD_EXPORT size_t hash_svalue(const struct svalue *s);   PMOD_EXPORT int complex_svalue_is_true(const struct svalue *s); /* only handles object + function */   PMOD_EXPORT int svalue_is_true(const struct svalue *s);   PMOD_EXPORT int safe_svalue_is_true(const struct svalue *s);