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Roxen.git/CONTRIBUTORS:1: - Contributors: - ------------- + Main programmers: + -----------------      Roxen Core:    Per Hedbor and Henrik Grubbström      Pike Core:    Fredrik Hübinette      Cryptography module and SSL support:    Niels Möller   
Roxen.git/CONTRIBUTORS:27:    Jonas Walden         The following people have made valuable contributions to Roxen & Pike:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Ian Carr-de Avelon Several valuable suggestions and ideas.      Martin Baer Fixes to the hostredirect and several other modules.    + Stephen R. van den Berg The Dutch language-module. +    Tvns Böker The German language-module.      Francesco Chemolli The Postgres and Msql database modules and    the Italian language-module.      Janne Edelman The Finnish language-module.      Kai Garlipp ISO-8859-1 entity support for the graphical text    module, and several fixes.   
Roxen.git/CONTRIBUTORS:53:   Alistair MacDonald Fixes to the hostredirect module.      Klara Makovac The Croatian language-module.      Jordi Murgo The Spanish language-module.      Morten Hol Møller The Norwegian language-module.      Goran Opacic The Serbian language-module.    - Stephen R. van den Berg The Dutch language-module. -  +    Jason Rumney The Maaori language-module, and some fixes.      Celso J. Sawaia The Portuguese language-module.      Iztok Umek The Slovenian language-module.      Zsolt Varga Valuable ideas.      Bill Welliver Fixes to the SQL module.      The people at Real For valuable bugreports and fixes.      The Roxen Alphatesters Several valuable bugreports and fixes.      And several others.