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Roxen.git/   @SET_MAKE@      INSTALL=@INSTALL@      CC=@CC@   CPPFLAGS=@CPPFLAGS@   CFLAGS=@REALCFLAGS@   JOINEDCFLAGS=@CFLAGS@   LDFLAGS=$(CFLAGS) @LDFLAGS@    + PIKEVERSION=@PIKEVERSION@ +    all: @MAKE_GMP@ @MAKE_GDBM@ @MAKE_ZLIB@ pike extern      pike: force -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS) @LINKFORSHARED@") +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS) @LINKFORSHARED@")      extern: force    @(cd extern;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" all)      gmp: force    -@(cd gmp;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" all)      gdbm: force    -@(cd gdbm;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" all)      zlib: force    -@(cd zlib;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" libz.a)      force:      # These are here for compatibility with the easy-start makefile   easy: all   hard: all      depend: -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" depend) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" depend)    echo "You need to run configure once again."      verify: all verify_other -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verify) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verify)      verbose_verify: all verify_other -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verbose_verify) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verbose_verify)      verify_other:    @if test "@MAKE_ZLIB@" = "zlib"; then \    $(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verify_zlib; \    fi    @if test "@MAKE_GMP@" = "gmp"; then \    $(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" verify_gmp; \    fi      verify_zlib:    @(cd zlib;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" test)      verify_gmp:    @(cd gmp;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" check)      new_peep_engine: -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" new_peep_engine) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" new_peep_engine)      check: verify      clean: -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" clean) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" clean)    @(cd extern;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" clean)      install_all: install_pike install      install: all    $(SRCDIR)/mkdir -p $(prefix)/roxen/    @if test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server.old/.; then \    if test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server.older/.; then \    echo; \    echo "Warning, deleting old server \"$(prefix)/roxen/server.older\""; \
Roxen.git/    rm -rf $(prefix)/roxen/server.older; \    fi; \    mv -f $(prefix)/roxen/server.old $(prefix)/roxen/server.older; \    fi    @if test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server/.; then \    mv -f $(prefix)/roxen/server $(prefix)/roxen/server.old ; \    fi    cp -r $(SRCDIR)/server $(prefix)/roxen/    @rm -rf $(prefix)/roxen/server/CVS $(prefix)/roxen/server/*/CVS\    $(prefix)/roxen/server/*/*/CVS -  cp pike/src/pike $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin +  cp pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/pike $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin    -@rm -f $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/roxen >/dev/null 2>&1    ln $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/pike $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/roxen - # cp $(SRCDIR)/pike/bin/feature_list $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin + # cp $(SRCDIR)/pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/bin/feature_list $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/local/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/local    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/local/modules/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/local/modules    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/local/nfonts/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/local/nfonts    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib/pike/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib/pike -  cp -r pike/src/lib/* $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib/pike/ +  cp -r pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/lib/* $(prefix)/roxen/server/lib/pike/    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server/include/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/server/include    test -d $(prefix)/roxen/server/include/pike/. || mkdir $(prefix)/roxen/server/include/pike -  for a in $(SRCDIR)/pike/src/*.h ./pike/src/*.h; do $(INSTALL) $$a $(prefix)/roxen/server/include/pike; done +  for a in $(SRCDIR)/pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/*.h ./pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/*.h; do $(INSTALL) $$a $(prefix)/roxen/server/include/pike; done    -@(cd extern;$(MAKE) install "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)";cd ../)    -@$(SRCDIR)/mkdir -p $(prefix)/roxen/logs    -@$(SRCDIR)/mkdir -p $(prefix)/roxen/configurations    -chmod a+x $(prefix)    -chmod a+x $(prefix)/roxen    -chmod a+x $(prefix)/roxen/server    -@for d in fonts nfonts modules etc bin base_server more_modules \    config_actions server_templates \    languages roxen-images protocols unfinishedmodules; do \    echo Modifying permissions for directory $(prefix)/roxen/server/$$d... ; \
Roxen.git/    -@for f in cgi fcgi install.pike pdbi.pike pike roxen roxen_hostname; \    do \    if test -f $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/$$f ; then \    echo Modifying permissions for file $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/$$f... ; \    chmod a+rx $(prefix)/roxen/server/bin/$$f; \    else :; fi; \    done    @echo Roxen installed.      install_pike: all -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" install) +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" install)      localinstall: all -  cp pike/src/pike $(SRCDIR)/server/bin/ +  cp pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/pike $(SRCDIR)/server/bin/    -@rm -f $(SRCDIR)/server/bin/roxen >/dev/null 2>&1    ln $(SRCDIR)/server/bin/pike $(SRCDIR)/server/bin/roxen    (cd extern; $(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" localinstall)      spotless: clean    @(cd extern;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" spotless) -  @(cd pike/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" spotless) -  rm -f server/bin/selfdir server/bin/roxen_hostname pike/src/pike\ -  pike/src/pike.old server/bin/proxygarb +  @(cd pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src;$(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" spotless) +  rm -f server/bin/selfdir server/bin/roxen_hostname pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/pike\ +  pike/$(PIKEVERSION)/src/pike.old server/bin/proxygarb    find . '(' -name '#*#' -o -name '*~' -o -name '.*~' -o -name '*.bak'\    -o -name '.pine-debug*' -o -name '.*.bak' -o -name core -o -name \    config.cache -o -name config.status -o -name config.log -o -name \    "*.a" ')' -print -exec /bin/rm '{}' ';'    rm -rf server/logs    rm -rf logs         distribute: spotless    @(cd extern; $(MAKE) "prefix=$(prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)" distribute)