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Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:4559:   # cache info. If you enable this you have to comment out or delete the   # line above.   #*: $ip-number - $user [$cern-date] \"$method $full-resource $protocol\" $response $length \"$referrer\" \"$user-agent-raw\" $cache-status $eval-status $request-time      # You might want to enable some of the following lines to get logging   # of various internal activities in the server. The formats below are   # somewhat similar to the Common Log Format standard, but they might   # still break external log analysis tools.      # To log commits and similar filesystem changes in a sitebuilder file system. - #sbfs/commit: - - [$cern-date] \"$action $ac-userid:$workarea:$resource sbfs\" - - $commit-type - #sbfs/*: - - [$cern-date] \"$action $ac-userid:$workarea:$resource sbfs\" - - + #sbfs/commit: $ip-number - $user [$cern-date] \"$action $ac-userid:$workarea:$resource sbfs\" - - $commit-type + #sbfs/*: $ip-number - $user [$cern-date] \"$action $ac-userid:$workarea:$resource sbfs\" - -      # Catch-all for internal log messages. - #*/*: - - [$cern-date] \"$action $resource $facility\" - -", + #*/*: $ip-number - $user [$cern-date] \"$action $resource $facility\" $response $length",    DLOCALE(26, "Logging: Format"),    TYPE_TEXT_FIELD|VAR_MORE,    // FIXME: Undocumented: $cs-uri-stem, $cs-uri-query,    // $real-resource, $real-full-resource, $real-cs-uri-stem,       /* Removed doc for would-be $request-vtime.   <tr><td>$request-vtime</td>    <td>The virtual time the request took (seconds). This measures the    virtual time spent by the Roxen process. Note however that the    accuracy is comparably low on many OS:es, typically much lower