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Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:4866:      <p>A line to format an event logging message is one of:</p>      <pre><i>&lt;facility&gt;</i>/<i>&lt;action&gt;</i>: <i>&lt;log format&gt;</i>   <i>&lt;facility&gt;</i>/*: <i>&lt;log format&gt;</i>   */*: <i>&lt;log format&gt;</i>   </pre>      <p><i>&lt;facility&gt;</i> matches an identifier for the Roxen module   or subsystem that the event comes from. Facility identifiers always - starts with a character in <code>[a-zA-Z0-9]</code> and contains only + start with a character in <code>[a-zA-Z0-9]</code> and contain only   characters in <code>[-_.#a-zA-Z0-9]</code>. If '<code>*</code>' is   used instead of <i>&lt;facility&gt;</i> then that line matches all   facilities that aren't matched by any other line.</p>      <p><i>&lt;action&gt;</i> matches an identifier for a specific kind of   event logged by a facility. An action identifier contains only   characters in <code>[-_.#a-zA-Z0-9]</code>. '<code>*</code>' may be   used instead of an <i>&lt;action&gt;</i> to match all events logged by   a facility that aren't matched by any other line.</p>   
Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:5004:    time spent on this request only. Time spent waiting for responses    from external server is not included here. Note that this time    might have very low accuracy on some platforms. There are also    platforms where this measurement isn't available at all, and in    that case this fields expands to \"-\".</td></tr>   <tr><td>$request-time</td>    <td>Time in seconds that the whole request took on the server    side, including I/O time for receiving the request and sending the    response. Note that this measures real time - see $handle-time for    further discussion.</td></tr> + <tr><td>$protocol-time</td> +  <td>Time in seconds that the protocol processing took on the server +  side. This includes both the time spent parsing the request, and +  the time spent preparing the result for sending.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$etag</td>    <td>The entity tag (aka ETag) header of the result.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$referrer</td>    <td>The header 'referer' from the request, or '-'.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$referer</td>    <td>Same as $referrer. Common misspelling kept for    compatibility.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$user-agent</td>    <td>The header 'User-Agent' from the request, or '-'.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$user-agent-raw</td>