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Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:1:   // This file is part of Roxen WebServer.   // Copyright © 1996 - 2001, Roxen IS.   //      // @appears Configuration   //! A site's main configuration    - constant cvs_version = "$Id: configuration.pike,v 1.490 2001/10/05 15:07:59 per Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id: configuration.pike,v 1.491 2001/10/05 15:10:08 per Exp $";   #include <module.h>   #include <module_constants.h>   #include <roxen.h>   #include <request_trace.h>   #include <timers.h>      #define CATCH(P,X) do{mixed e;if(e=catch{X;})report_error("While "+P+"\n"+describe_backtrace(e));}while(0)      // --- Locale defines ---   //<locale-token project="roxen_start"> LOC_S </locale-token>
Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:3288:    set ("compat_level", roxen.__roxen_version__);    // Note to developers: This setting can be accessed through    // id->conf->query("compat_level") or similar, but observe that that    // call is not entirely cheap. It's therefore advisable to put it in    // a local variable if the compatibility level is to be tested    // frequently. It's perfectly all right to do that in e.g. the    // module start function, since the documentation explicitly states    // that a reload of all modules is necessary to propagate a change    // the setting.    +  defvar("Log", 1, DLOCALE(28, "Logging: Enabled"), +  TYPE_FLAG, DLOCALE(29, "Log requests")); +     defvar("LogFormat",    "404: $host $referer - [$cern_date] \"$method $resource $protocol\" 404 -\n"    "500: $host $referer ERROR [$cern_date] \"$method $resource $protocol\" 500 -\n"    "*: $host - - [$cern_date] \"$method $resource $protocol\" $response $length",    DLOCALE(26, "Logging: Format"),    TYPE_TEXT_FIELD|VAR_MORE,    DLOCALE(27, #"What format to use for logging. The syntax is:   <pre>response-code or *: Log format for that response code      Log format is normal characters, or one or more of the variables below:
Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:3336:    was delivered from:    protcache -- The low-level cache in the HTTP    protocol module.    xsltcache -- The XSLT cache.    pcoderam -- RXML parse tree RAM cache.    pcodedisk -- RXML parse tree persistent cache.    cachetag -- No RXML &lt;cache&gt; tag misses.    nocache -- No hit in any known cache.   </pre>"), 0, lambda(){ return !query("Log");});    -  defvar("Log", 1, DLOCALE(28, "Logging: Enabled"), -  TYPE_FLAG, DLOCALE(29, "Log requests")); -  +     // FIXME: Mention it is relative to getcwd(). Can not be localized in pike 7.0.    defvar("LogFile", "$LOGDIR/"+Roxen.short_name(name)+"/Log",    DLOCALE(30, "Logging: Log file"), TYPE_FILE,    DLOCALE(31, "The log file. "    ""    "A file name. Some substitutions will be done:"    "<pre>"    "%y Year (e.g. '1997')\n"    "%m Month (e.g. '08')\n"    "%d Date (e.g. '10' for the tenth)\n"