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Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:5119:    defvar("NoLog", ({ }),    DLOCALE(32, "Logging: No Logging for"), TYPE_STRING_LIST|VAR_MORE,    DLOCALE(33, "Don't log requests from hosts with an IP number which "    "matches any of the patterns in this list. This also affects "    "the access counter log."),    0, lambda(){ return !query("Log");});       defvar("JSONLogEndpoints", ({ "$JSONLOGDIR/" + Roxen.short_name(name) + ".jsonlog" }),    DLOCALE(0, "Logging: JSON Logging endpoints"), TYPE_STRING_LIST,    DLOCALE(0, "Socket paths and/or IP:ports to bind for log output from this configuration. " -  "$JSONLOGDIR will expand to <configuration directory>/_jsonlog where sockets should be reasonably secure.")) +  "$JSONLOGDIR will expand to &lt;configuration directory&gt;/_jsonlog where sockets should be reasonably secure."))    ->add_changed_callback(json_log_endpoint_cb);       defvar("Domain", roxen.get_domain(), DLOCALE(34, "Domain"),    TYPE_STRING|VAR_PUBLIC|VAR_NO_DEFAULT,    DLOCALE(35, "The domain name of the server. The domain name is used "    "to generate default URLs, and to generate email addresses."));       defvar("MyWorldLocation", "",    DLOCALE(36, "Ports: Primary Server URL"), TYPE_URL|VAR_PUBLIC,    DLOCALE(37, #"\