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Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:1:   // This file is part of Roxen WebServer.   // Copyright © 1996 - 2001, Roxen IS.   //      // @appears Configuration   //! A site's main configuration    - constant cvs_version = "$Id: configuration.pike,v 1.578 2004/05/21 13:12:11 grubba Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id: configuration.pike,v 1.579 2004/05/28 17:05:47 jonasw Exp $";   #include <module.h>   #include <module_constants.h>   #include <roxen.h>   #include <request_trace.h>   #include <timers.h>      #define CATCH(P,X) do{mixed e;if(e=catch{X;})report_error("While "+P+"\n"+describe_backtrace(e));}while(0)      // --- Locale defines ---   //<locale-token project="roxen_start"> LOC_S </locale-token>
Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:3840:    release of Roxen CMS which contains Roxen WebServer 2.4.</td></tr>   <tr valign='top'><td>2.5&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>    <td>Corresponds to no released version. This compatibility level is    only used to turn on some optimizations that have compatibility    issues with 2.4, notably the optimization of cache static tags in    the &lt;cache&gt; tag.</td></tr>   <tr valign='top'><td>3.3&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>    <td>Corresponds to Roxen 3.3.</td></tr>   <tr valign='top'><td>3.4&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>    <td>Corresponds to Roxen 3.4.</td></tr> + <tr valign='top'><td>4.0&nbsp;&nbsp;</td> +  <td>Corresponds to Roxen 4.0.</td></tr>   </table></p>")));       set ("compat_level", roxen.__roxen_version__);    // Note to developers: This setting can be accessed through    // id->conf->query("compat_level") or similar, but observe that that    // call is not entirely cheap. It's therefore advisable to put it in    // a local variable if the compatibility level is to be tested    // frequently. It's perfectly all right to do that in e.g. the    // module start function, since the documentation explicitly states    // that a reload of all modules is necessary to propagate a change
Roxen.git/server/base_server/configuration.pike:4113:    padding-bottom: 20px }    .info { font-family: verdana, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;    font-size: 10px;    color: #999999 }    </style>   </head>   <body bgcolor='#f2f1eb' vlink='#2331d1' alink='#f6f6ff'    leftmargin='0' rightmargin='0' topmargin='0' bottommargin='0'    style='margin: 0; padding: 0'>    - <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'> + <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' height='100%'> +  <colgroup> +  <col span='3' /> +  <col width='356' /> +  <col width='0*' /> +  </colgroup>    <tr>    <td><img src='/internal-roxen-unit' height='30' /></td>    </tr><tr>    <td></td>    <td><img src='/internal-roxen-404' /></td>    <td><img src='/internal-roxen-unit' width='30' /></td>    <td valign='bottom'><img src='/internal-roxen-page-not-found-2' /></td> -  +  <td></td>    </tr><tr>    <td><img src='/internal-roxen-unit' height='30' /></td>    </tr><tr>    <td colspan='3'></td> -  <td> +  <td colspan='2'>    <div class='msg'>Unable to retrieve</div>    <div class='url'>&page.virtfile;</div> -  +  </td> +  </tr><tr> +  <td colspan='3'></td> +  <td width='356'>    <div class='msg'> -  If you feel this is a configuration error, please contact<br /> -  the administrators of this server or the author of the<br /> +  If you feel this is a configuration error, please contact +  the administrators of this server or the author of the    <if referrer=''>    <a href='&client.referrer;'>referring page</a>.    </if><else>    referring page.    </else>    </div>    </td> -  </tr> - </table> -  - <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' -  style='position: absolute; left: 202px; bottom: 35px'> +  <td>&nbsp;</td> +  </tr><tr valign='bottom' height='100%'> +  <td colspan='3'></td> +  <td> +  <img src='/internal-roxen-unit' height='20' /> +  <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'>    <tr>    <td><img src='/internal-roxen-roxen-mini.gif' /></td>    <td class='info'> -  &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>&roxen.product-name;</b> <font color='#ffbe00'>|</font> +  &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Roxen CMS</b> <font color='#ffbe00'>|</font>    version &roxen.dist-version;    </td>    </tr>    </table> -  +  <img src='/internal-roxen-unit' height='20' /> +  </td> +  <td></td> +  </tr> + </table>      </body>   </html>",    DLOCALE(58, "No such file message"),    TYPE_TEXT_FIELD|VAR_PUBLIC,    DLOCALE(59, "What to return when there is no resource or file "    "available at a certain location."));      #ifdef SNMP_AGENT    // SNMP stuffs