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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:229:    LOCALE(1126, "<p>The TLS certificate(s) to use.</p>\n"    "<p>Certificate and key files matching the "    "<b>Global Variables/Settings/Certificate and "    "Private Key Globs</b> setting "    "are automatically imported and valid "    "combinations are listed above.</p>\n"    "<p>At least one certificate must be selected.</p>\n"    "<p>The Server Name Indication (SNI) extension sent by the "    "TLS client will be used to choose a specific certificate "    "for the connection from the set selected here.</p>\n" -  ))); +  ))) +  ->set_render_full_width(true);      #if 1    // Old-style SSL Certificate variables.    // FIXME: Keep these around for at least a few major versions (10 years?).    defvar( "ssl_cert_file",    o->CertificateListVariable    ( ({ "demo_certificate.pem" }), VAR_INVISIBLE,    LOCALE(86, "SSL certificate file(s)"),    LOCALE(87, "<p>The SSL certificate file(s) to use.</p>\n"    "<p>This is a list of certificates, "