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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1:   // This file is part of Roxen WebServer.   // Copyright © 1996 - 2001, Roxen IS. - // $Id: global_variables.pike,v 1.74 2001/07/09 11:02:50 lange Exp $ + // $Id: global_variables.pike,v 1.75 2001/07/31 09:32:21 per Exp $      // #pragma strict_types   #define DEFVAR mixed...:object   #define BDEFVAR mixed...:object      #define IN_ROXEN   #include <module.h>   inherit "read_config";   inherit "basic_defvar";   #include <version.h>
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:425:    "the default group of that user will be used. "    "The syntax is user[:group]."));       defvar("permanent_uid", 0, LOCALE(130, "Change uid and gid permanently"),    TYPE_FLAG,    LOCALE(131, "If this variable is set, Roxen will set it's uid and gid "    "permanently. This disables the 'exec script as user' features "    "for CGI, and also 'access files as user' in the filesystems, but "    "it gives better security."));    -  // FIXME: Should mention getcwd() +     defvar("ModuleDirs", ({ "../local/modules/", "modules/" }),    LOCALE(132, "Module directories"),    TYPE_DIR_LIST,    LOCALE(133, "This is a list of directories where Roxen should look "    "for modules. Can be relative paths, from the "    "directory you started Roxen. "    "The directories are searched in order for modules."));       defvar("Supports",    Variable.Text( "#include <etc/supports>\n",
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:506:   #endif // efun(syslog)      #ifdef THREADS    defvar("numthreads", 5, LOCALE(150, "Number of threads to run"),    TYPE_INT,    LOCALE(151, "The number of simultaneous threads Roxen will use.\n"    "<p>Please note that even if this is one, Roxen will still "    "be able to serve multiple requests, using a select loop based "    "system.\n"    "<i>This is quite useful if you have more than one CPU in " -  "your machine, or if you have a lot of slow NFS accesses.</i></p>")); +  "your machine, or if you have a lot of slow NFS accesses.</i></p>" +  "<p>Do not increase this over 20 unless you have a " +  "very good reason to do so.</p>"));   #endif // THREADS      #ifndef __NT__    defvar("abs_engage", 0, LOCALE(154, "ABS: Enable Anti-Block-System"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(155, "If set, the anti-block-system will be enabled. "    "This will restart the server after a configurable number of minutes if it "    "locks up. If you are running in a single threaded environment heavy "    "calculations will also halt the server. In multi-threaded mode bugs such as "    "eternal loops will not cause the server to reboot, since only one thread is "
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:547:    "according to the value of "    "the 'LANG' environment variable.")))    ->set_changed_callback( lambda(Variable.Variable s) {    roxenp()->set_default_locale(query("locale"));    roxenp()->set_locale();    } );       string secret=Crypto.md5()->update(""+time(1)+random(100000))->digest();    secret = MIME.encode_base64(secret,1);    defvar("server_salt", secret[..sizeof(secret)-3], LOCALE(8, "Server secret"), -  TYPE_STRING|VAR_MORE, +  TYPE_STRING|VAR_MORE|VAR_NO_DEFAULT,    LOCALE(9, "The server secret is a string used in some "    "cryptographic functions, such as calculating "    "unique, non-guessable session id's. Change this "    "value into something that is hard to guess, unless "    "you are satisfied with what your computers random "    "generator has produced") );       secret = Crypto.md5()->update(""+time(1)+random(100000)+"x"+gethrtime())    ->digest();    -  definvisvar("argcache_secret","",TYPE_STRING); +  definvisvar("argcache_secret","",TYPE_STRING|VAR_NO_DEFAULT);    set( "argcache_secret", secret );    // force save.          defvar("suicide_engage", 0,    LOCALE(160, "Auto Restart: Enable Automatic Restart"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(161, "If set, Roxen will automatically restart after a "    "configurable number of days. Since Roxen uses a monolith, "    "non-forking server model the process tends to grow in size "