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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:313: Inside #if constant(SSL.Constants.CIPHER_aead)
   "<p>Cipher strengths lower than 112 bits are "    "<b>NOT</b> recommended, and there are RFCs that "    "prohibit the use of all those suites.</p>\n")))->    set_range(0, Variable.no_limit);   #endif      #if constant(SSL.ServerConnection)    // Pike 8.0 and later has much more advanced support for SSL/TLS.       defvar( "ssl_password", -  Variable.String("", 0, LOCALE(1082, "SSL decryption password"), +  Variable.String("", VAR_INVISIBLE, +  LOCALE(1082, "SSL decryption password"),    LOCALE(1083, "Optional password to decrypt the "    "SSL key file(s).")));       defvar("ssl_suite_filter",    Variable.IntChoice(0,    ([    0: "Default",    4: "Ephemeral key exchanges only",    8: "Suite B (relaxed)",    12: "Suite B (ephemeral only)",