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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:219:    return !sizeof(var->query());   }      void set_up_ssl_variables( Protocol o )   {    function(DEFVAR) defvar = o->defvar;       defvar( "ssl_keys", o->CertificateKeyChoiceVariable    (VAR_NO_DEFAULT,    LOCALE(0, "SSL/TLS Certificate(s)"), -  LOCALE(0, "<p>The TLS certificate(s) to use.</p>\n"))); +  LOCALE(0, "<p>The TLS certificate(s) to use.</p>\n" +  "<p>Certificate and key files matching the " +  "<b>Global Variables/Settings/Certificate and " +  "Private Key Globs</b> setting" +  "are automatically imported and valid " +  "combinations are listed above.</p>\n" +  "<p>At least one certificate must be selected.</p>\n" +  "<p>The Server Name Indication (SNI) extension sent by the " +  "TLS client will be used to choose a specific certificate " +  "for the connection from the set selected here.</p>\n" +  )));      #if 1    // Old-style SSL Certificate variables.    // FIXME: Keep these around for at least a few major versions (10 years?).    defvar( "ssl_cert_file",    o->CertificateListVariable -  ( ({ "demo_certificate.pem" }), 0, +  ( ({ "demo_certificate.pem" }), VAR_INVISIBLE,    LOCALE(86, "SSL certificate file(s)"),    LOCALE(87, "<p>The SSL certificate file(s) to use.</p>\n"    "<p>This is a list of certificates, "    "intermediate and root certificates, and "    "corresponding private key files in any order.</p>\n"    "<p>If a path is relative, it will first be "    "searched for relative to %s, " -  "and if not found there relative to %s.</p>\n")))-> -  set_invisibility_check_callback(hide_if_empty); +  "and if not found there relative to %s.</p>\n")));       defvar( "ssl_key_file",    o->KeyFileVariable -  ( "", 0, LOCALE(88, "SSL key file"), +  ( "", VAR_INVISIBLE, LOCALE(88, "SSL key file"),    LOCALE(89, "The SSL key file to use. If the path is "    "relative, it will first be searched for "    "relative to %s, and if not found there "    "relative to %s. "    "You do not have to specify a key "    "file, leave this field empty to use the "    "certificate file only. "    "This field is obsolete, since the same setting " -  "can be done in <b>SSL certificate file(s)</b>.")))-> -  set_invisibility_check_callback(hide_if_empty); +  "can be done in <b>SSL certificate file(s)</b>.")));   #endif      #if constant(SSL.Constants.CIPHER_aead)    // NB: This constant was added a few days after get_suites() in Pike 8.0,    // and a single day after get_suites() in the backport to Pike 7.8.       // Pike 8.0 or recent Pike 7.8.    // They have SSL.[Cc]ontext()->get_suites().       // 112 bits is the minimum strength to still retain the