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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:180:       function do_set_cookie(Protocol o)    {    return lambda() {    return o->query("set_cookie") == 0;    };    };       defvar("request_data_max", 0,    LOCALE(0, "Request data size limit"), TYPE_INT, -  LOCALE(0, "<p>The maximum amount of data in bytes that a " +  LOCALE(0, "<p>The maximum amount of data in kilo bytes that a "    "request may contain before being rejected.</p>\n"    "<p>Set to <tt>0</tt> (zero) to disable.</p>"))    ->set_range(0, Variable.no_limit);       defvar( "minimum_bitrate", 0, LOCALE(205, "Minimum allowed bitrate" ),    TYPE_INT,    LOCALE(215, "The minimum allowed bitrate, in bits/second. If the "    "client is slower than this set bitrate, it will be "    "disconnected (after a timeout). Setting this higher than "    "14000 is not recommended if you have modem users."));