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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:19:   {    store( "Variables", variables, 0, 0 );   }      // The following three functions are used to hide variables when they   // are not used. This makes the user-interface clearer and quite a lot   // less clobbered.      private int(0..1) cache_disabled_p() { return !query("cache"); }   private int(0..1) ident_disabled_p() { return [int(0..1)]query("default_ident"); } - #if efun(syslog) + #if constant(syslog)   private int(0..1) syslog_disabled() { return query("LogA")!="syslog"; }   #endif      protected void cdt_changed (Variable.Variable v);   void slow_req_count_changed();   void slow_req_timeout_changed();   void slow_be_timeout_changed();      #ifdef SNMP_AGENT   private int(0..1) snmp_disabled() { return !query("snmp_agent"); }
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:544:    -> add_changed_callback( lambda(Variable.Text s) {    roxenp()->initiate_supports();    cache.cache_expire("supports");    } );       defvar("audit", 0, LOCALE(136, "Logging: Audit trail"),    TYPE_FLAG,    LOCALE(137, "If Audit trail is set to Yes, all changes of uid will be "    "logged in the Event log."));    - #if efun(syslog) + #if constant(syslog)    defvar("LogA", "file", LOCALE(138, "Logging: Debug log method"),    TYPE_STRING_LIST|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(139, "What method to use for the debug log, default is file, "    "but "    "syslog is also available. When using file, the output is really"    " sent to stdout and stderr, but this is handled by the "    "start script."),    ({ "file", "syslog" }));       defvar("LogSP", 1, LOCALE(140, "Logging: Log PID"),
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:590: Inside #if efun(syslog)
   "All: Everything<br />"),    ({ "Fatal", "Errors", "Warnings", "Debug", "All" }),    syslog_disabled);       defvar("LogNA", "Roxen", LOCALE(148, "Logging: Log as"),    TYPE_STRING,    LOCALE(149, "When syslog is used, this will be the identification "    "of the Roxen daemon. The entered value will be appended to "    "all logs."),    0, syslog_disabled); - #endif // efun(syslog) + #endif // constant(syslog)       v = Variable.Flag (0, 0,    LOCALE(534, "Logging: Dump threads by file polling"),    LOCALE(535, #"\   <p>This option can be used to produce dumps of all the threads in the   debug log in situations where the Administration Interface doesn't   respond.</p>      <p>It works by checking for a file called \"<i>&lt;config   name&gt;</i>.dump_threads\" in the same directory as the debug log.