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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:685:    "it gives better security."));       defvar("ModuleDirs", ({ "$LOCALDIR/modules/", "modules/" }),    LOCALE(132, "Module directories"),    TYPE_DIR_LIST,    LOCALE(133, "This is a list of directories where Roxen should look "    "for modules. Can be relative paths, from the "    "directory you started Roxen. "    "The directories are searched in order for modules."));    +  defvar("CertGlobs", ({ "*.pem", "certs/*.pem" }), +  LOCALE(0, "Certificate and Private Key Globs"), +  TYPE_STRING_LIST, +  LOCALE(0, "<p>This is a list of globs for which corresponding files " +  "will automatically be imported into the certificate " +  "database on server start.</p>\n" +  "<p>It may be left empty, in which case any certificates " +  "to use will need to be added by hand.</p>\n")); +     defvar("Supports",    Variable.Text( "#include <etc/supports>\n",    VAR_MORE, LOCALE(134, "Client supports regexps"),    LOCALE(135, "What do the different clients support?\n<br />"    "The default information is normally fetched from the file "    "server/etc/supports in your Roxen directory.") ) )    -> add_changed_callback( lambda(Variable.Text s) {    roxenp()->initiate_supports();    cache.cache_expire("supports");    } );