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Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:717: Inside #if defined(THREADS)
   "<p>Please note that even if this is one, Roxen will still "    "be able to serve multiple requests, using a select loop based "    "system.\n"    "<i>This is quite useful if you have more than one CPU in "    "your machine, or if you have a lot of slow NFS accesses.</i></p>"    "<p>Do not increase this over 20 unless you have a "    "very good reason to do so.</p>"));   #endif // THREADS      #ifndef __NT__ -  defvar("abs_engage", 0, LOCALE(154, "Auto Restart: Enable Anti-Block-System"), +  defvar("abs_engage", 0, LOCALE(154, "Auto Maintenance: Enable Anti-Block-System"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(155, "If set, the anti-block-system will be enabled. "    "This will restart the server after a configurable number of minutes if it "    "locks up. If you are running in a single threaded environment heavy "    "calculations will also halt the server. In multi-threaded mode bugs such as "    "eternal loops will not cause the server to reboot, since only one thread is "    "blocked. In general there is no harm in having this option enabled. "));          -  defvar("abs_timeout", 5, LOCALE(156, "Auto Restart: ABS Timeout"), +  defvar("abs_timeout", 5, LOCALE(156, "Auto Maintenance: ABS Timeout"),    TYPE_INT_LIST|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(157, "If the server is unable to accept connection for this many "    "minutes, it will be restarted. You need to find a balance: "    "if set too low, the server will be restarted even if it's doing "    "legal things (like generating many images), if set too high you might "    "get a long downtime if the server for some reason locks up."),    ({1,2,3,4,5,10,15,30,60}),    lambda() {return !query("abs_engage");});   #endif // __NT__   
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:773:    "generator has produced.") );       secret = Crypto.MD5.hash(""+time(1)+random(100000)+"x"+gethrtime());       definvisvar("argcache_secret","",TYPE_STRING|VAR_NO_DEFAULT);    set( "argcache_secret", secret );    // force save.          defvar("suicide_engage", 0, -  LOCALE(160, "Auto Restart: Enable Automatic Restart"), +  LOCALE(160, "Auto Maintenance: Enable Automatic Restart"),    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,    LOCALE(161, "If set, Roxen will automatically restart after a "    "configurable number of days. Since Roxen uses a monolith, "    "non-forking server model the process tends to grow in size "    "over time. This is mainly due to heap fragmentation but "    "may also sometimes be because of memory leaks.")    );       definvisvar( "last_suicide", 0, TYPE_INT );       defvar("suicide_schedule",    Variable.Schedule( ({ 2, 1, 1, 0, 4 }), 0, -  LOCALE(387,"Auto Restart: Schedule"), +  LOCALE(387,"Auto Maintenance: Restart Schedule"),    LOCALE(388, "Automatically restart the "    "server according to this schedule.") ) )    ->set_invisibility_check_callback (    lambda(RequestID id, Variable.Variable f)    {return !query("suicide_engage");}    );       defvar ("mem_cache_gc_2", 5 * 60,    LOCALE(1045, "Cache: Memory cache GC interval"),    TYPE_INT,
Roxen.git/server/base_server/global_variables.pike:974: Inside #if defined(ENABLE_OUTGOING_PROXY)
   defvar("proxy_username", "",    LOCALE(1056, "Proxy: Proxy username"), TYPE_STRING,    LOCALE(1057, "Username for proxy authorization."));       defvar("proxy_password", "",    LOCALE(1058, "Proxy: Proxy password"), TYPE_STRING,    LOCALE(1059, "Password for proxy authorization."));   #endif       defvar("auto_fetch_rxps", 0, -  LOCALE(0, "Auto Patching: Automatically import patches"), +  LOCALE(0, "Auto Maintenance: Enable Automatic Patch import"),    TYPE_FLAG,    LOCALE(0, "Automatically fetch and import patches to the server "    "from"));    defvar("patch_on_restart", 0, -  LOCALE(0, "Auto Patching: Automatically apply patches"), +  LOCALE(0, "Auto Maintenance: Restart and apply patches"),    TYPE_FLAG, -  LOCALE(0, "Automatically apply any imported patches when the " -  "server is restarted.")); +  LOCALE(0, "Apply any pending imported patches when the server is " +  "automatically restarted.")) +  ->set_invisibility_check_callback ( +  lambda(RequestID id, Variable.Variable f) +  {return !query("suicide_engage");});   }         void restore_global_variables()   {    mapping m = retrieve("Variables", 0);    setvars(retrieve("Variables", 0));    if( !m->argcache_secret ) save();    old_module_dirs = query( "ModuleDirs" );    getvar( "ModuleDirs" )->add_changed_callback( zap_all_module_caches );