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Roxen.git/server/base_server/image_cache.xml:217:    Keep n pixels from the beginning of the X scale.</p>   <ex>   <### x-size='100'/>   </ex>   </attr>      <attr name='y-size' value='pixels' default='whole image'><p>    Keep n pixels from the beginning of the Y scale.</p>   </attr>    - <attr name=crop value='x1,y1-x2,y2|auto|guides-cross|guides-region'><p> + <attr name='crop' value='x1,y1-x2,y2|auto|guides-cross|guides-region'><p>    Crops the image by using several differen methods. The simplest is to only    specify the area to be cropped with x,y-x,y coordinates. By instead    selecting "auto" the image will be cropped so that as many pixels as possible    with the same color is removed from around the image.</p>       <p>A more advanced cropping method can be used by giving the crop argument    "guides-cross". The image will then be cropped around the intersection of    two guides inside the image. Guides can be added to e.g. Photoshop and    GIMP images. If several guides are present, which ones to use can be    selected with the guides-index=x,y attribute, where x and y is the number
Roxen.git/server/base_server/image_cache.xml:244:    is given by the guides-index=x1,y1-x2,y2 attribute, where the x and y    parameters are the number of the guides. Guides can also be specified as    guides-index=x,y. Then the saved area will be the one enclosed by the    buides x,y and x+1,y+1, counting from left and top. Again, combine max-width    and max-height makes a good effect, since scaling is performed after cropping.</p>      <ex type='vert'>   <### crop='50,28-150,92'/>   </ex>    -  <p> +    </attr>      <h3>Format specific attributes</h3>      <attr name='jpeg-quality' value='percentage' default='75'><p>    Set the quality on the output jpeg image.</p>   <ex type='vert'>   <### format='jpeg' jpeg-quality='30'/>   </ex>   <ex type='vert'>