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Roxen.git/server/base_server/module.pike:2106: Inside #if constant(roxen.FSGarbWrapper)
  //!   //! @param max_files   //! Maximum number of files under the path.   //! Zero to disable the limit.   //!   //! @returns   //! Returns a roxen.FSGarbWrapper object. The garbage collector   //! will be removed when this object is destructed (eg via   //! refcount-garb).   roxen.FSGarbWrapper register_fsgarb(string path, int max_age, -  int|void max_size, int|void max_files) +  int|void max_size, int|void max_files, +  string|void quarantine)   {    return roxen.register_fsgarb(module_identifier(), path, max_age, -  max_size, max_files); +  max_size, max_files, quarantine);   }   #endif      private mapping __my_tables = ([]);      array(mapping(string:mixed)) sql_query( string query, mixed ... args )   //! Do a SQL-query using @[get_my_sql], the table names in the query   //! should be written as &table; instead of table. As an example, if   //! the tables 'meta' and 'data' have been created with create_tables   //! or get_my_table, this query will work: