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Roxen.git/server/base_server/module.pike:2278:   //! Return a SQL-object for the database set with @[set_my_db],   //! defaulting to the 'shared' database. If @[read_only] is specified,   //! the database will be opened in read_only mode. @[charset] may be   //! used to specify a charset for the connection if the database   //! supports it.   //!   //! See also @[DBManager.get]   {    return DBManager.cached_get( my_db, _my_configuration, read_only, charset );   } +  + // Callback used by the DB browser, if defined, for custom formatting + // of database fields. + int|string format_db_browser_value (string db_name, string table_name, +  string column_name, array(string) col_names, +  array(string) col_types, array(string) row, +  RequestID id);